France through Anglo-Australian eyes moves here

My blog on “France through Anglo-Australian eyes” has been transferred here complete (hopefully!) with all of the historical blogs and photos. All future blogging will now be from here so that when eventually closes, there will be no loss…

NB-6L Canon battery holder

My Canon SX270HS is a great little camera but it has one real fault in my mind which is battery life. Worse, it gives indication of a failing battery barely half a dozen shots before the battery dies. Once the problem is identified, the solution is simple – carry a second backup battery ready to… Continue reading NB-6L Canon battery holder

Connecting my PC from France into Dad’s PC in the UK via his TalkTalk ISP

This was (finally) a successful connection allowing me to use MS Remote Desktop from our Windows 7 machines to take full control of his PC. Our system setup: Windows 7 pro installed on both machines 2nd PC available at my end to allow for searches, testing of settings, etc TalkTalk router is a D-Link 3780… Continue reading Connecting my PC from France into Dad’s PC in the UK via his TalkTalk ISP

Going to work

Since we moved from the 14th arrondissement in Paris my journey into work has changed significantly. No longer a 10 minute walk down past the nice boulangerie, the selection of cafes (including the one opposite the market where they do a nice cous-cous on Sunday), the market itself on Wednesday, the chemists, two supermarkets and… Continue reading Going to work