3D Printing

I have a 3D printer and access to 3D CAD to allow new projects to be created. I am a member of3 the 3D Hubs and I can print to order.

I can take descriptions, sketches or engineering drawings to develop the 3D form and to print prototypes for your needs, both professional and personal. Professional work is supplied with a French TVA (VAT) invoice. Please contact me if you want to discuss your project.

My 3D Hubs connection is at: 3D Hubs Some of my creations are shown below:


A bespoke box for a PoKeys board and various connectors.


a connector for swimming pool tubing – LH threaded!

skimmer adapter skimmer adapter1

An adapter for a pool skimmer.

multiconnector multiconnector1


A connector for converting between 40mm plastic pipe and 5 single 16mm pipes.


See also the blog entry regarding a Canon NB-6L battery holder printed in 3D here