NB-6L Canon battery holder

My Canon SX270HS is a great little camera but it has one real fault in my mind which is battery life. Worse, it gives indication of a failing battery barely half a dozen shots before the battery dies. Once the problem is identified, the solution is simple – carry a second backup battery ready to exchange at a moment’s notice. Well I started to do that in the battery case that houses the camera but very rapidly lost one since the spare battery was not secured and it was clearly only too easy to let it tip out.


So the solution was to turn to the 3D drawing board and draw up a little holder to attach to the strap of the case rather in the manner of using spare film canisters back in the days of roll-film (remember them….?)

IMG_1468 small   IMG_1469 small    IMG_1470 small

Et voilà…here is the end result: The loops on the back engage with the strap from the case and the loop at the top guides the strap across the opening of the box to retain the battery inside.

IMG_1471 small

Holes at the bottom of the holder ensure that any moisture has an escape route whilst concealing 2 out of the 3 battery contacts eliminating the risk of short circuits.

IMG_1472 small

The front face carries my SD Industries website address 🙂 and that’s it. Simple and effective.

In use, the removal of a battery takes seconds as the strap is un-hooked from the top loop and the new battery tipped out, another few seconds to replace it with the flat one and to re-loop the strap.

All printed in ABS on my 3D printer in the space of an hour or so in (so far) an eye catching yellow, orange to match my camera bag and black and in white for less ‘in your face’ moments.

IMG_1473 small    IMG_1474 small

Anyone interested in their own version (or for a different size in battery) can contact me – price will be 10€ delivered within Europe for the NB6L version and I can also discuss different text/logos on the front face for a small consideration.