Style – Paris version…?

What a wonderful week for Jo to arrive here in Paris – Beaujolais Nouveau night on Thursday and the first hints of winter…
Firstly Beaujolais Nouveau night on Thursday – this was an unknown event to Jo but why should she know about a largely PR led attempt by the Burgandy region to push wine drinkers worldwide to try the very first of the current season’s wine. This wine was still hanging on the vines a couple of months ago. And as you might expect, it is thin and sharp and only suitable for drinking a single glass to celebrate….something….! We used it to help us work out our budget for the coming months – and could probably have done with something a little stronger!
However the local bar up the road had made an effort with balloons, signs, hats and T shirts for the staff and a specially decorated barrel out the front:

IMG_3669 wine barrel small

 I have never been into this bar but the one on the opposite corner has seen frequent use. My parents used it for breakfast (all-in petite dejeurner with juice, coffee, croissants, etc) rather than the rather dull and expensive one from the hotel around the corner from the apartment, and I have visited it with friends (sometimes as a thank-you for helping clear up the flat) and also as a quick and tasty bistro style evening meal. Good plain food. So we have never had any inclination to step across the road, but the atmosphere was very pleasant (perhaps helped by the wine) and I am sure we will step back again sometime. 
Whilst walking to the bar, we came across the latest in bags and fashion – we were uncertain wherther the bag was supposed to match the dog…or whether the dog went into the bag…or whether the bag was a dog-substitute….anyway whatever it was, a strong set of sunglasses was recommended to tone down the violent colours

IMG_3664 fluffy handbag small


IMG_3666 fluffy shawl small

And so to this morning and the market. So far Jo’s expose to a north European winter has been limited to mild days (10C or so) and rain with little hint of what is to come. Yesterday evening we were out visiting one of the centre commercial in the region looking at warm coats but rather half heartedly until we returned to the car at about 6 when the temperature had fallen to about 6 and a stiff breeze was blowing.
“OK , so this is what cold is like”…..

“No”, quotes the local expert, “this is just chilly”. I was actually regretting not putting at least one more layer on and a pair of gloves too – but you can’t let that sort of sentiment show at times like this…

DSC04429 snow small

(The vague white specks in the middle of the photo are snow flakes…honest!)

So when we stepped out of the building this morning on the way to the Sunday market, the first thing that we saw were these funny bits of stuff flying around in the wind. “Whats that?” asks Jo….”WOW!!! is that REALLY SNOW????”…..And yes, it really was snowing in Paris in mid November. Even the market folk were looking a bit chilly and making St Nicolas and Christmas comments. Of course it didn’t last and it didn’t stick. But it did last for the hour or so we spent in the market. Later on it warmed up to around 3C….and then rained heavily.
Hey ho…..