Walking around Paris

Arrived back from the Netherlands in the wee small hours of Sunday so I was a little jaded this morning. After the usual overseas phone calls (where would ex-pts be without modern telecoms?) I did my weekly trip to the market and the friendly fruit shop. Later….what now……? Lovely afternoon…tiume for a walk. So off set the intrepid explorer complete with camera for the record….

And what should come up first? Something to strike fear into the mind of any male trying to go somewhere in a hurry with a female in tow…. (sorry Jo!) – or in the event that birthdays are on their way….or if you both have time to dawdle and gaze around…

The sign does beg the question whether the 50% reduction is on the price or on the garment it self…delicate nickers are reduced by 50% to become strings….C-cup bras are reduced to A….

Onwards through the 14th Arondissement to this building which I think is a school or college of some sort – but the figure of the giant Isore certainly stands out. Note the other Parisian street scene in the left foreground as well!

Then further wandering took me past this gap in the street exposing a courtyard, trees and doubtless some nice appartments within.

Autumn is just about to strike here so the trees are changing colours everywhere.

And finally, a piece of Parisian parking taken from our 5th floor appartment…there is about 10cms maximum at front and rear of this car! I have some more photos of ‘creative’ parking but thos will wait for another post.


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