The plumber – part 2. Veni, Vedi, Plumbi

I can sense that you are all agog out there wondering what happened next in the great plumber saga….assuming that there is anyone there at all that is….!

Well,  he came, he saw, and ….he went away.
M.Someone (he introduced himself and I still didn’t get his name) arrived and poked around in the toilet, the kitchen, looked out the kitchen window, looked in my voisine’s kitchen, in her toilet and pronounced himself confused about what was wanted. He then struggled up onto a stool and from there, onto the kitchen working surface to dangle himself out the window, holding onto very flimsy bits of the surrounds to steady himself. I had visions of my neighbour on the ground floor rushing up to complain that, after the tomato plant exercise, I was now throwing plumbers into her back yard from 5 floors up….
And it turns out that French plumbers share a common trait with English ones – an inability to wear a pair of jeans that doesn’t ride halfway down their buttocks whilst bending forwards…..(no, no photos of this one!).

After all that, he decided what did need to be done, pronounced that it would take 2 days (yeeeeek!) and he would be in touch after the syndic had given him the job.
Whooppee…I can’t wait….! 
So now all we need to do is wait for the duel of the plumbers to decide who does what – drawn wrenches at dawn? Fencing with lead pipe?