Busts and a sculpture

I was wandering through some of my photos past and recent looking for something to put up for tonight’s blog….and I came across this one taken at the start of the year with my (then) new camera when I was looking for anything that could be photographed and analysed:

Of course I hadn’t a clue who it was, but fortunetely I had also taken the longer views with the full potted history inscribed on the pedestal:

 In 1890 Branly achieved the world’s first use of wireless remote control thanks to his discovery of radio conductors.

So now you know why a bust of this gentleman is residing on a pedestal in the jardins de Luxembourg.

In the immediate vicinity of the Jardins is this street sculpture  outside the Hungarian consulate I think. A delightful bronze…

 And just to finish off the evening, here is a less delightful item photographed in the Petit Palais – I have the feeling that the artist was watching me first thing on a Monday morning…..