The plumber – part 2. Veni, Vedi, Plumbi

I can sense that you are all agog out there wondering what happened next in the great plumber saga….assuming that there is anyone there at all that is….! Well,  he came, he saw, and ….he went away. M.Someone (he introduced himself and I still didn’t get his name) arrived and poked around in the toilet,… Continue reading The plumber – part 2. Veni, Vedi, Plumbi

Any Old Iron…?

Actually, definetely not just ‘any old iron’. One of the things I love studying in France (and elsewhere) is the fantastic work and workmanship that goes into creating some of the really very ordinary pieces of street furniture and the like.   A fine example of this is the following photo, taken at the Petit… Continue reading Any Old Iron…?

Parking in Paris

Having just visited Australia, and Sydney in particular (and ‘hi’ to all of Jo’s friends and family who may be reading this…if there is anyone out there!) and I became very aware that the Australians are very careful and very regulated about where and how to park…   Not less than 20m from a junction…… Continue reading Parking in Paris

Busts and a sculpture

I was wandering through some of my photos past and recent looking for something to put up for tonight’s blog….and I came across this one taken at the start of the year with my (then) new camera when I was looking for anything that could be photographed and analysed: Of course I hadn’t a clue… Continue reading Busts and a sculpture

Montparnasse Tower

I had a colleague from our UK office visiting yesterday and today. We decided to go for dinner yesterday evening but he was interested to see something of the area before we hit the restaurants which was a bit of a problem after darkness had descended and with only an hour or so tp spare.… Continue reading Montparnasse Tower

Walking around Paris

Arrived back from the Netherlands in the wee small hours of Sunday so I was a little jaded this morning. After the usual overseas phone calls (where would ex-pts be without modern telecoms?) I did my weekly trip to the market and the friendly fruit shop. Later….what now……? Lovely afternoon…tiume for a walk. So off… Continue reading Walking around Paris


Our appartment (unit…) in Paris is on the 5th and final floor of a typical early 20th century appartment block. And it has no elevator so it is a stairs only job. This has some advantages – there are no other occupants above us to disturb the peace with their hob nailed boots and we… Continue reading Stairs